How the Spanish Real Estate Market Has Changed


Summer is not only a time for vacations and sunny days, but also an active time for the real estate market. Spain, with its picturesque coasts and historical cities, attracts many investors and buyers. Let’s take a look at what changes have occurred in the Spanish real estate market during the summer of 2023.

1. Influence of Airbnb on the rental market

With the arrival of summer, many property owners decide to rent their properties through platforms like Airbnb. This has led to an increase in the offer in the short-term rental market, especially in popular tourist regions such as the Costa del Sol and Barcelona. However, this has also led to an increase in competition among owners, leading to a change in pricing policy and rental conditions.

2. Price increase in popular tourist regions

The summer season is traditionally considered “high” for the tourism industry, affecting the rise in property prices in popular tourist regions. This is especially true for luxury properties on the coast. However, many investors see this as an opportunity for short-term investments, expecting a further price increase.

3. Investment potential in inner regions

While the Spanish coast attracts most tourists, the country’s inner regions are becoming increasingly popular among investors. These regions offer more affordable prices and great growth potential. In addition, with the development of infrastructure and improved transport accessibility, Spain’s inner regions are becoming increasingly attractive to tourists.

4. Ecological trends and sustainability

Given the global ecological challenges, more and more buyers and investors are paying attention to ecologically sustainable properties. This trend continued during the summer of 2023, with an increase in demand for “green” homes and apartments. These properties are not only ecological but also economical, making them especially attractive for long-term investments.

5. Market prospects for the autumn-winter period

After the active summer season, the Spanish real estate market is preparing for new challenges. The autumn-winter period is traditionally considered less active, but it is also a time for strategic planning and searching for new investment opportunities. Many experts believe that it is during this period that the most profitable offers on the market can be found.


The summer of 2023 has brought many interesting changes to the Spanish real estate market. From the rise in popularity of Airbnb to ecological trends, the market continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. However, despite all the changes, Spain remains one of the most attractive destinations for investing in properties in Europe.